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Acid Safety

Due to the regulations placed on the shipping of hazardous materials, Battery Acid products can only be shipped via Ground or Freight Service.

Battery Acid (aka Sulfuric Acid) is a poisonous, corrosive substance. Battery Acid can cause burns. Battery Acid emits dangerous fumes. When working with Battery Acid, it is highly recommended that safety measures are taken, safety procedures are practiced and the proper handling equipment is used.

Safety Tips

Always wear Safety Goggles

Always wear Rubber Gloves

Always work in a Well-Ventilated Area

Baking Soda neutralizes Battery Acid. Always have some in hand.

Do Not Smoke. Battery Acid emits combustible fumes that can cause an explosion.

Battery Acid Contact

Skin Contact: Rinse extremely well with water. If clothes come into contact with Battery Acid - remove clothes immediately.

Ingestion: DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Drink large amounts of water or milk. Follow with Milk of Magnesia, Beaten Eggs or Vegetable Oil. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.

Eye Contact: Rinse with Water (H20) for at least 20 minutes and SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.

Inhaled Fumes: Move to FRESH AIR Immediately.

Other Chemicals: Never mix chemical products that will react to Battery Acid.

We hold no responsibility for any bodily injuries that occur from the inhalation of Battery Acid or contact with Battery Acid. We hold no responsibilty for any damages that occur from the inhalation of Battery Acid or contact with Battery Acid.